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What is thermography?

Raised Ink or Thermographic printing is a fantastic printing technique that is commonly used on greeting cards, wedding invitations, and other printed materials that require embossing with a natural look and feel to them.

Add a Tactile Surface Quality with Raised Ink

When clients want to add a subtle enhancement or slight element of emphasis to a very special project they utilize our thermography printing services. It’s ideal when you want something to really stand out. As the sheet passes through a heating unit, thermo powder is dropped and melted to the ink, creating a luscious raised effect. The process results in a stunning piece that is dry immediately upon completion.

The Benefits of Thermographic Printing

The major benefit gained from using this method of printing is the inexpensive visual appeal it can provide, much lower in cost than engraving and more natural looking compared to Spot UV printing – a print process that adds an even coat of ultra violet varnish to, giving evenly raised elements.

Superior Business Cards and Letterhead

We offer business cards, letterhead and stationery with the superior service and the special attention each job deserves. Your order is produced according to its individual needs and specifications, not ganged-up with other orders.

Choose from many different standard card stocks and multiple finishing options – including thermographic raised ink – to make your cards stand out. And when it comes to letterhead or stationery, we always use laser safe thermograph powder to ensure compatibility with the widest range of desktop printers.

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